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  • Wonder Woman Boots

    Wonder Woman Boots

    It might have been the Wonder Woman boots that did it. My sister Kathy and nephew Charlie came to visit me last weekend and pimped my splints to turn them into Wonder Woman boots. I’m sure that somehow contributed to things falling into place for me. When my new Physiotherapist put them on me for […]

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  • Blood, Shit and Tears


    Let’s talk about poo. No, I don’t mean the honey loving bear who lives in the Hundred Acre Wood (as much as I also love talking about him). I mean the yucky kind that most of us don’t discuss very much, but quickly becomes an obsession to those in hospital. Given that I’ve already lowered […]

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  • Who Needs Eastenders Anyway?

    Trouble Maker

    “I ain’t ‘avin it”. It’s like something straight out of a BBC drama. Script ideas briefly flitter through my head. Her words are slurred. She reeks of alcohol. It took 4 nurses to put her to bed and now she shouts that they let her wet herself. An irate Nurse-in-charge taps a foot, hands placed firmly on […]

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  • They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab


    I said ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’. I could hardly believe the words coming out of Liz’s mouth. ‘There’s a bed for you from tomorrow’. I would have jumped for joy if my legs allowed me. I was enjoying the company of my Mum and my Uncle, sitting outside the hospital’s coffee shop and enjoying my first […]