Let’s Get Ready to Ramble

So this is my blog.

And this is my first blogpost.

Why exactly would I start a blog? I have no readers, very little of interest to say, and I can’t for the life of me name one person who would want to follow me.. (except for you Mum!). This blog was born purely out of procrastination. You see, I’m a writer. I use the term loosely because on the screen in front of me, somewhere amongst all the opened tabs, are two documents that I have sat looking at for most of the morning. The first document is a completed Middle Grade book (for 9-12 year olds) called Prime. The second is a daunting outline of a new novel, tentatively called Blossom. Both projects need work. Yet here I am, writing to an audience of just me (and possibly my Mum), while I hope to become a published author.

You can maybe see where I’m going wrong.

When I thought about starting a blog, I was out for a walk in the West of Ireland’s crisp August air. I had just come home after a few pretty hardcore years working in London’s film industry. It was supposed to be a break for a few weeks. I was supposed to have a few lie ins, lick a few wounds and brush off a few cobwebs, maybe learn to meditate and do yoga. Yet here I am, four months later with exactly 0 hours of either meditation or yoga accrued. Once again, I am procrastinating.

The reason I called the blog Rambling Ruth was because back in those heady August days, amid all the plans for wellness, I walked. I like walking to clear my head. I walk when I want to think through ideas I’ve been writing, when I’m stuck on plot or when I’m unsure what a character’s next move is. In those August days, I thought I’d discover walking routes and trails all around the country, spend time with my thoughts and, while I was at it, start a blog to record witty and insightful musings of a 30 something woman on the edge, though on the edge of what, I wasn’t so sure.

But, you guessed it – the blog didn’t happen. I thought about it a lot. I’ve spent four months thinking about it. I’ve done little else.

To be fair, I haven’t entirely wasted the last four months. I’ve had a lot of upheaval in my personal life and I’ve been pretty busy with commitments to family, friends and to myself. I’ve done some work tidying up Prime, preparing it for submission and waiting… lots of waiting. And I’ve started Blossom. But I wanted to work on something else. Something smaller. A novel is a beast. Starting one is no small commitment. And so, the blog seemed the way to go.

The walking blog was never going to fly. I had all the best intentions, but I guess I need to face it – some days, walking to the fridge is about as good as it gets. So today, I’m taking a step. I’ve just come in from a walk and I’m feeling energised. Maybe not quite energised to write a novel. Maybe mid-level energised. Whatever I am, I’m getting this blog started. It may not have an audience and it may not have much to offer the world, but maybe it will guilt me into getting those walking shoes on more often…



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