I’ve won a Liebster Award

How exciting! I’ve won a Liebster Award. Thank you so much to the lovely Andreea at 10travellingtips.com for the nomination. Andreea is an ex-flight attendant from Romania who has experienced over 60 countries and 85 cities, so she’s compiled the ‘best of’ each of those places on her blog. It’s really very good!

The Liebster award is an award by bloggers for bloggers – basically, it’s a chance for us bloggers to give a little nod to others who have influenced or inspired us, to help out people starting off (like Andreea did with me) or to point people in the direction of some really good blogs!

So, part of the award is to answer some questions that Andreea set for me, and to nominate more bloggers who I love.

Here are Andreea’s questions:

1. Which country left the biggest impression on you and why ? 

Honestly, I think my home country, Ireland, will always win this one. No matter how many amazing places I travel to, Ireland will always be the place that leaves the biggest impression because that’s where the people I love the most are. No matter where I go in the world, the end goal (and there are a lot of goals) will always be Ireland.

Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way
Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

2. Show us your most beautiful travel photo

NOOOOOOO!!! I have literally hundreds of photos from my travels that I adore. This is like Sophies’s choice – if Sophie had a gaggle of kids! Right, I’ll pop a few throughout this post and you’re going to have to decide for yourself which of these you love best or follow me to see more on instagram (I am shameless). If I’m honest, I think my favourite travel photos were from La Cinque Terra. I went there specifically to take them.  My memory card got corrupted the day after I left so I lost them all, along with hundreds of photos from Italy. My poor broken heart may never recover.

Turning 30 on Carriacou in the West Indies. Best birthday ever.

3. Do you prefer to travel alone or accompanied ?

Hmmm, I think I’d have to say alone. While I love trips with friends and have had some really good trips, there’s nothing like the freedom of doing what you want, when you want and changing your mind and your plans as you feel like it. That’s not really an option when you travel with others. And when you travel solo, you’re never really alone. There are so many people doing exactly the same thing that you meet new friends everywhere you go. That doesn’t happen when you travel with friends. I recently had a pretty perfect balance when I visited Cuba – my friends had gone out before me so I joined them on a part solo trip and part girly holiday, so it was ideal. I got to do my own exploring while the girls were on a tour and then I met up with them for all the social parts. It was a great trip.

Classic Cars in Cuba

4. What is your no. 1 dream destination ?

I’ve always wanted to go to Tanzania to Hot Air Balloon over the Serengeti – though recently I’ve been looking at photos of Cappadocia and think that might be even better. I also really, really want to visit Iran, sail to the Antarctic and live in Bali… not all at the same time 🙂

5. Where are you planning to travel this year ?

This year is all about going with the flow! I’ve been travelling in Europe, particularly in the Balkans. Next stop is Greece to continue volunteering with refugees. After that, you never know… Those dream destinations of Cappadocia and Iran aren’t impossible from there.

Climbing the battlements of the fortress at Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

6. What is your biggest fear while travelling ?

Not having money! I think it’s a pretty universal worry among people who travel. I work remotely and on a freelance basis so it’s not always stable and there have already been a few worrying moments, so I just try to keep costs down and balance work and exploring. It’s not easy and I’ve been caught out and conned, but as I get a little wiser, things improve. This week I got a call from an old client and was also offered a job with a (very exciting) new client, so it’s been busy. You just need to take the good with the bad.

And there’s always the worry of being stampeded by wild animals

Being Charged by an Elephant in South Africa
Being Charged by an Elephant in South Africa


7. What are the 3 items that always go in your suitcase ?

My Macbook, my camera and my anti-inflammatory gel! The first two are obviously important for work and to keep my head above water. The anti-inflammatory gel is needed far more often than you’d expect. I love exploring and when I’m travelling, you can often find me at the top of a mountain or at the bottom of a canyon. The gel is necessary on account of my very unreliable knees!

New Zealand
Exploring New Zealand

8. What do you love most about travelling ?

There’s always something to learn. I’m always surprised. Every experience is different. It keeps me on my toes. I get very bored, very easily, so I need something to keep me on my toes. The best thing about travelling is that the moment I feel bored, I can pack up and move on to discover new things.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now ?

I’m barely focused on 5 minutes from now! At a push, I could plan 5 days, but right now, I’m not looking to the future at all. I spent far too long planning out my life and ticking off milestones and I wasn’t even a little bit happy. So for now, I’m quite content to just see how I feel and leave the future where it belongs – in the future.

Swimming in the Carribean, Grenada
Swimming in the Carribean, Grenada

10. Tell us your favourite travelling quote if you have one.

It’s not travel specific, but my favourite quote can be applied to any area of your life. My mum always told me to ‘Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe’. She was so right!

11. What motivated you to start your blog ?

There were a few things. I had fallen out of the habit of writing regularly, so I needed to establish a routine and get back to writing because I’d neglected it for too long.  A huge part of my motivation was that my brother has a successful blog and was very supportive when I went to him with a million questions. It started off as a small project mostly just for myself but it’s been getting a bit bigger in the four months since it started so I’m just enjoying it.


And The Nominees Are…

I’m sharing the Liebster Love with some blogs, bloggers and pages that I love. The blogs I would like to nominate are:


The reason for this nomination, in a word: Nepotism 🙂

Not only is Breifne my big brother, but he’s also the world cycle race winner, blogger extraordinaire and author of the book ‘Pedal the Planet’. He’s always got some mad challenge on his mind (and on his blog) and he’s my go-to guy when the techy stuff bamboozles me. (This can be daily!) He introduced me to the blogosphere and if it weren’t for him, there would be no Rambling Ruth, so huge thanks bro.


This is one of the most important pages I’ve been following on my travels. I met ‘John Refugee’ in Belgrade. He is one of the men living in ‘The Barracks’, Begrade’s unofficial refugee camp (You can read my article about it here). This page is meant to highlight the living conditions endured by residents of The Barracks, to shine a light on the realities that refugees in Serbia are facing and to raise awareness of issues like police brutality and the difficulties faced by vulnerable people and children living at the camp.


I heart this blog and the lovely Louise, and I’m not even a vegan! The great thing is that you don’t have to be. Louise just has amazing food, recipes and ideas. And she is one classy, classy chic. What I love most about I’m a Little Vegan is that Louise is so utterly passionate about what she does and every word is genuine. She’s taught me that it’s possible to live your life doing what you love.


This is the funniest blog! I look forward to new posts and can always be guaranteed a good giggle. In her own words, ‘After being thrown into the deep end of singlehood it was either adapt or eat… EVERYTHING. So as fun as that sounded, I decided to stay afloat and join the unpredictable world of online dating.’ This blog has given me some laugh out loud moments and is packed with Irish humour and moments that most of us ladies (and plenty of gents) will recognise only too well.


How is it that I have two dudes in my list who have cycled around the world – or are on their way? I met Calum in Kosovo where he was taking a break from his bmx after cycling from Sydney via China, Iran and all the Stans. I was intrigued by his amazing stories (like ending up in jail in Tajikistan) and it re-sparked my interest in visiting Iran. The reason I’m nominating Calum is because he needs a gentle prod to get back on the bike and back on the keyboard. Your blog is too good to neglect buddy! I look forward to following your adventures. Consider yourself prodded.


This may seem like a strange nomination from me. Sandra’s blog is about intuition, life coaching and future life progression. On the surface, it may seem like we are chalk and cheese. We are! But in so many ways we’re not. Sandra is an incredible and kind friend. She opened my mind to different ways of thinking, staying positive and believing in myself. I learned from Sandra’s commitment to her blog that the key to success is dedication and consistency. It seems to have worked well for her. She’s recently published her e-book ‘Money, Intuition and the Law of Attraction’ which is available on her site.


Have you ever worked in a box office? I have… Some of the most hilarious and bewildering questions get fired at box office staff and the very funny Deebs records what he calls ‘minor horror stories’ on this page. Have a look and give him a follow. It’ll put a smile on your face.


These are possibly some of the bravest parents in the world. And the luckiest children. Would you be able to take three children out of school and travel the world? I love seeing updates from Five Go Travelling. For all those out there who say they’re ‘stuck’ or ‘tied down’ because they have children, this just goes to show that it can be done.


I will message all the nominees with your next steps to share the Liebster Love. Thanks for keeping me entertained, informed and inspired. Keep up the good work peeps!

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    I just recently discovered the Five Go Travelling Family. So impressive…!. Congrats on your award!

    1. Rambling Ruth says: Reply

      Thanks Kay. Yes, they’re very brave 🙂

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